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More than 300 million people around the world are at risk of developing type II diabetes, and in most cases they won’t know until it’s too late to prevent the consequences.
We have developed a saliva based screening device for the detection of early stage type II diabetes.
We are currently working on a new and optimized version of the product, which can be used as easily as a pregnancy test, giving a visual and qualitative answer to indicate if the person is at risk or not.



Our business plan is to access the market through retailers and service or product providers related to diabetes that can use our device to detect diabetes and prediabetes in the undiagnosed population so they can offer the treatment options the they provide.

We are already having conversation with pharmaceutical companies that sell diabetes treatment drugs and devices so they can then use our product as a companion diagnostics device, this way they can detect the disease and then treat and monitor it with their products to prevent the consequences of type II diabetes.

Our target customers can sell the product on pharmacies, distribute it to hospitals so that physicians use them at their consultation or even provide our product at no cost for the users to help people detect the disease so they can provide treatment up to 10 years earlier than usual.